Still flexible, still precise

1983 - 2023

Flexible, precise, reliable
custom-made according
to your specification

We guarantee quality
and care for nature

Over 40 years
of experience

Production of small
and medium runs

Medical Components

Production of very
large runs

Medical Components

Push- Fitting: Connect with ease,
seamless precision with our
push-fitting solutions

Experienced, innovative & forward-looking

We want to support you as a competent partner in brass turning parts. We consider changes in the growing market to be excellent opportunities for us to develop ourselves further and to consistently adapt our services to new challenges. Place your trust in an experienced second generation family-owned enterprise that thinks outside the box, and accompany us on the road to a successful future.

Our strengths – your advantage


Small or large, standard or customized – your needs are the benchmark.


The range of our possibilities is very large – we offer solutions for almost every need.


Quick, available, measurable – from first contact to the after sales.


Motivated, qualified and with an average employment time of 20 years


Our source of ideas – from the first part mechanized in 1982 till today.


Fundamental to our thinking – strict and traceable quality procedures.





Quality and environment

Our quality management system is approved by certificate according to ISO 9001:2015 since 2001.

We regard our environment as an important asset which deserves protection. We make an active effort to consistently reduce the environmental impact of all our business operations.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Social engagement is part of our sense of responsibility and firmly embedded in our corporate values.


Here at Lehisa we are always on the look out for talented and motivated individuals to join our expanding team. Whether you are applying for a specific position or simply believe you have the skills to help us in any area of our business, we invite you to get in touch.